ピーター・ストラウブの新作「A Dark Matter」の冒頭部分が・・・・

Adarkmatter スティーヴン・キングと共同で「タリスマン」「ブラック・ハウス」を共著しているピーター・ストラウブの新作「A Dark Matter」の冒頭部分がピーター・ストラウブのオフィシャル・フェイスブックで公開されている。

ピーター・ストラウブ オフィシャル・フェイスブック

「A Dark Matter」の冒頭部分

「A Dark Matter」


"The kind of book that's impossible to put down once it has been picked up."
--Stephen King

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[シネマトゥデイ映画ニュース] スティーヴン・キングのホラー小説「シャイニング」といえば、スタンリー・キューブリック監督が映像化し、ジャック・ニコルソンが怪演した映画が有名だが、その続編が製作されるかもしれない。

カナダ・トロントのキャノン・シアターで新作小説「アンダー・ザ・ドーム」(原題)を披露したキングが、「シャイニング」の続編の執筆を夏から開始していることを明らかにした。キングの同小説に対する思い入れは強く、キングは原作とは異なるキューブリック監督の映画版に対して不満を持ち、1997 年には自ら製作総指揮を務めてテレビ・ミニシリーズとして再映像化しているほどだ。続編小説では、前作で狂気に侵された父親ジャックの息子であり、不思議な能力「輝き(Shining)」を持つダニー・トランスのその後が描かれる予定だ。前作のエンディングで母のウェンディ、料理長のハロラン(映画版ではハロランは殺される)と共に逃げ延びたダニーは、続編では40歳となりニューヨーク北部地方に住んでいる。末期患者のホスピスに勤めているダニーは、病棟勤務員として働きながら、死後の世界へ行ってしまった患者を救済する仕事をしているという設定で、続編の題名候補としてキングは「ドクター・スリープ」(原題)を考えているそうだ。続編小説が刊行されれば映画化されるのは濃厚であり、1999年に亡くなったキューブリック監督の映画版を越える続編が誕生するか期待したいところだ。





Stephen King on proposed 'Shining' sequel: 'People shouldn't hold their breath'


On the heels of the news that best-selling horror master (and EW columnist) told the audience at a Toronto book signing that he was considering writing a sequel to The Shining, King tells EW.com that he’s got no immediate plans to revisit the character of Danny Torrance. “It’s a great idea, and I just can’t seem to get down to it,” says the author in an e-mail. “People shouldn’t hold their breath. I know it would be cool, though. I want to write it just for the title, Dr. Sleep. I even told them [at the book signing], ‘It will probably never happen.’” Still, King — whose most recent novel is this month’s Under the Dome — can’t quite shut the door on the Shining sequel, adding, “But ‘probably’ isn’t ‘positively,’ so maybe.”


Stephen King planning possible sequel to The Shining


Last night at Toronto’s packed Canon Theatre, fans of Stephen King were treated to a 15-minute reading from the author’s new novel, Under the Dome, and nearly an hour’s worth of typically funny anecdotes and keen observations during an on-stage interview with director David Cronenberg. Then King dropped a fan bombshell on the crowd by casually describing a novel idea he began working on last summer. Seems King was wondering whatever happened to Danny Torrance of The Shining, who when readers last saw him was recovering from his ordeal at the Overlook Hotel at a resort in Maine with fellow survivors Wendy Torrance and chef Dick Halloran (who dies in the Kubrick film version). King remarked that though he ended his 1977 novel on a positive note, the Overlook was bound to have left young Danny with a lifetime’s worth of emotional scars. What Danny made of those traumatic experiences, and with the psychic powers that saved him from his father at the Overlook, is a question that King believes might make a damn fine sequel.

So what would a sequel to one of King’s most beloved novels look like? In King’s still tentative plan for the novel, Danny is now 40 years old and living in upstate New York, where he works as the equivalent of an orderly at a hospice for the terminally ill. Danny’s real job is to visit with patients who are just about to pass on to the other side, and to help them make that journey with the aid of his mysterious powers. Danny also has a sideline in betting on the horses, a trick he learned from his buddy Dick Hallorann.

The title for King’s proposed sequel? Doctor Sleep.

Perhaps sensing that he’d let the cat out of the plot bag a little early, King then told Cronenberg and the audience that he wasn’t completely committed to the new novel, going so far as to say, “Maybe if I keep talking about it I won’t have to write it.”

Let’s hope King doesn’t have too many interviews booked in the next six months.

Stephen King is considering writing a 'Shining' sequel


Redrum backwards spells “sequel.” Thirty-two years after Stephen King’s third novel, The Shining, was published, the prolific horror maestro has announced that he’s considering penning a follow-up.

The Torontoist reported that King dropped the news at a book reading for his new novel Under the Dome moderated by movie director, and brother in horror, David Cronenberg. According to the author, the second novel would center on Danny Torrance, the young boy from the original story with the gift (or curse) of being able to communicate clairvoyantly with ghosts, and who is now an appropriately aged 40-year-old. All these years after being tormented by the spiritual inhabitants of the Overlook Hotel and his father’s alcoholism/homicidal rage, Danny is now working at a hospice using his supernatural powers for palliative purposes. King even offered a tentative title: Doctor Sleep.

King mentioned that he began working on the idea last summer, but that he isn’t entirely committed to writing it quite yet.

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